About Us

Maples Family Law was founded in 2015 by Anna Y. Maples, Attorney at Law and her husband, Dr. Thomas C. Maples, Marriage and Family Therapist, and founder of The Stockton Therapy Network. Our vision: To Provide our clients top notch, compassionate, and comprehensive family law representation in San Joaquin County, California.

Anna’s primary goal is helping her clients reach successful outcomes while remaining compassionate, understanding and sensitive to their needs.Read about Anna Maples

We are a local law firm, and respect our San Joaquin County clientele. We serve families in Mountain House, Tracy, Manteca, Ceres, Ripon, Stockton, Lodi, Galt, and Thornton. We specialize only in areas of family law, and have experts on staff to assist with both with your family legal and family counseling needs. We understand that divorce is much more than just the division of assets. It is a chapter of your life that you are now putting to rest, and our staff understands that there is more than just legal ramifications to take into account. We pride ourselves on offering tough, yet compassionate legal representation, assuring your legal rights are upheld, while we work with you to move beyond the legal conflict divorce causes, so that you can begin the journey to move on with your life and find a sense of emotional health.

We partner with Dr. Thomas C. Maples, of The Stockton Therapy Network, who takes many of the areas local insurances, and can assist with the emotional ramifications your family law case can have on you, and your children’s psychological wellbeing. He specializes in Marriage and Family Therapy, has worked extensively with both children and parents to resolve their differences, and develop a plan to put the children’s needs first in order to understand and move on from the psychological traumas that occur after a family decides to split. By combining family law with emotional counseling, Maples Family Law clients can engage a comprehensive and systematic approach to complete the legal complexities associated with separation, divorce, child custody and support, spousal support case. Our staff will help you understand the complexities of your legal case and make solid legal decisions, while understanding that there is much more within your family law case than just legal decisions to make.

Roma is known as a perfectionist and an exceptional organizer, both in and out of the office, which our clients (and our staff) appreciate more than she’ll ever know.Read about Roma Mustafi

Maples Family Law provides quality family legal representation to help you overcome your legal difficulties and move on with your life. Our attorney and staff will be with you every step of the way, helping you identify, work through, and resolve your family law matter. We provide specialty services for Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, LGBT Family Law Support, Adoption, Restraining Orders, Parentage, and many areas of family law. What separates our team from the rest? We care about not only your case, but the overall toll a family law case can have on your emotional wellbeing.

Maples Family Law
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  • Compassionate Legal Representation

    We walk you through the legal process, understanding that your case is more than a legal matter for you and your family. We understand the emotional toll family law matters have on your wellbeing, and strive to help you through those difficult times associated with your family legal matter.

  • Efficient And Effective Results

    We work with you to set realistic goals and expectations for you and your family. We understand the nuances of family law, and the emotions that arise as a family separates. By understanding how the particulars of your case interact with the legal process, we provide you with a plan that helps you to become better equipped to make informed decisions about how to proceed in your particular situation.

  • Direct Access to Your Advocates

    At Maples Family Law , our advocates can be reached directly by email or telephone. We are glad to hear from you, and offer supportive counseling every step of the way during your legal matter. Our advocates will return your phone call or email within one business day of receipt. See what a difference Maples Family Law . Child Custody and Divorce services can offer you in you search to find effective legal results.