Anna Y. Maples, Stockton Family Law Attorney

Attorney Anna Maples practices family law in Stockton. As an exceptionally skilled, compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer, Anna is completely committed to getting each of her clients the best possible outcome in all areas of divorce, child custody, support and other important matters. She always says that one of the best parts of her work is to watch people grow out of negative relationships and move toward new beginnings, and she gets to see that every day.

Anna’s primary goal is helping her clients reach successful outcomes while remaining compassionate, understanding and sensitive to their needs. She understands that everyone who comes to her office or calls her on the phone is going through a very difficult time – and she’s essentially a lifeline to people who are trying to pick up the pieces of a broken marriage.

Because Anna’s primary concern is taking care of her clients, she bases her entire practice on a team-oriented approach. Her entire office staff is committed to helping people through the most difficult times of their lives.

When it feels like no one else has your back, Anna is there. She’s there for you both in and out of the courtroom. She’s not going to leave you to fend for yourself.

Anna’s sterling reputation precedes her in most circles. She’s known for being tenacious, honest, compassionate and driven – and she’ll push through the most difficult situations to make sure there’s a just, fair outcome. People tend to call her creative, particularly when it comes to finding solutions. Anna’s extensive education, both in the Russian Federation (where she is also licensed to practice law) and at the Humphreys University Laurence Drivon School of Law, has enabled her to help clients all over Stockton and the surrounding communities get the best possible outcomes in their cases.

Anna belongs to the San Joaquin County Bar Association and serves as Treasurer on the Board of Governors. She’s a past chair of the San Joaquin County Women Lawyers Section and continues to serve on its Executive Committee. Anna is also a member of the San Joaquin County Family Law Section and previously served as the secretary for the Executive Committee, and she’s a current member of the Consuelo Callahan Inns of Court. As a board member of the nonprofit organization Parents by Choice, Anna is continuously involved in various services for foster youth in the area. Finally, she also volunteers as a Judge Pro Tem in the San Joaquin County Juvenile Traffic Court.

When she’s not working on cases, helping clients face-to-face or in court, volunteering or working with one of the associations she belongs to, Anna spends time with her husband, Dr. Thomas Maples, their two sons – Tommy and Billy – and their family dog, Spot the Great Dane. Together, they travel, play and enjoy each other’s company. Anna loves to zip through a few chapters of a great book and listen to classical music when she has a few rare moments of down time, and you might even catch her watching reality TV with a dish of her favorite dessert.