Attorney Anna Maples is passionate about helping families and children solve their family law matters. Anna began her law career 10 years prior, in Russia, her country of origin, by representing orphaned children in dependency court. While practicing law in Russia, she gave dependent children a voice in the legal processes that would affect their lives. Upon immigrating to the United States of America, Anna continued her legal education by graduating Humphrey’s College, Laurence Drivon School of Law in Stockton, CA. Knowing that she wanted to serve families and children with their legal needs, Anna founded the Law Office of Anna Y. Maples, which later became Maples Family Law, located in Stockton, CA.

Maples Family Law offers comprehensive legal services in the area of family law. Our law firm specializes in all aspects of family law including divorce, dissolution of domestic partnerships, child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), parentage, adoptions, guardianships, property division (personal and business); pensions, restraining orders, and many more. Understanding that a family law case has emotional aspects that go far beyond the legal ramifications brought up in the courtroom, Anna is always ready to listen and provide compassionate representation to her clientele during their time of need. This is why each of our clients are provided direct access to Anna and the team. If emergencies arise after hours, you will have direct access to your attorney and the Maples Family Law staff.

Attorney Anna Maples is a strong believer that many cases can be settled without the additional stress of added courtroom appearances; however, if no reasonable settlement can be reached with the opposing party, Anna zealously advocates for her clients, helping them to achieve their goals and objectives in court. Nicknamed the Russian Bulldog, Anna’s calm demeanor, strong personality, and specialized legal prowess makes her a force to be reckoned with in the family law courtroom.

Whether your case is amicable and can be settled through a Marital Settlement Agreement, or you are in a highly conflicted divorce, child custody litigation, or other family litigation matter, Anna Maples has an answer that will suit your individual needs. At Maples Family Law, our goal is to provide you with a long lasting solution to the legal and emotional conflicts that arise during a family law case.

Having teamed up with Dr. Thomas Maples, and The Stockton Therapy Network, it is the goal of Maples Family Law to provide comprehensive legal and emotional support to the families we serve. Dr. Maples accepts many insurance panels, including Health Plan of San Joaquin and Tri West Veterans Insurance, Aetna, Magellan, and others, and can assist you, and / or your children through the emotional toll that follows a family law case. It is firmly grounded into their overall philosophy to provide top notch, effective family legal and family therapy services to the greater San Joaquin County area.

As an attorney, Anna is their to fight for your legal rights. However, she is also a firm believer in giving back to the community of San Joaquin County at large. Anna currently serves on the Military Panel of the San Joaquin County Bar Association. While our nation’s Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines concentrate on serving our country, Anna defends their legal rights in court at times when their service does not allow them to attend necessary court dates to uphold their legal rights. Anna is also a Board member for Parents by Choice, a local agency that provides foster placement services for children in need of loving homes. Anna also was a Board member for the Head Start Child Development Council, Inc., an agency that was committed to the early success of at risk children in the greater Stockton Area. She is also an active member of the local legal community, participating as a committee member of the Women Lawyers Section and Family Law Section of San Joaquin County Bar Association.

Anna Maples is happily married to her husband Thomas Maples, a native of Stockton, CA., and founder of the The Stockton Therapy Network. They are currently raising two young sons together, Tommy age 7, and Billy age 3, who graciously remind them daily of the important role family plays in the life of a child’s development. The Maples family loves to travel, watch TV, and catch Pokemon together in their off time. It is from this perspective, that Thomas and Anna yearn to make a difference. If a family law matter in eminent, it is our mission to help you move beyond the emotional toll a family law matter can have on your life, effectively put the legalities of separation, divorce, and child custody behind you, and advance confidently towards the new life you wish to create.