Roma Mustafi (Certified Paralegal)

An Interview with Family Law Certified Paralegal – Roma Mustafi:

Interviewer: What brought you to Maples Family Law?

Roma: Being a former client of Maples Family Law, I deeply admire the zeal and compassion with which Attorney Anna Maples fought for my legal rights. The high quality legal representation provided by Maples Family Law inspired me to be a part of this great team, so I could help serve the community with family law matters.

Interviewer: What interested you about family law/being a paralegal as a career?

Roma: From my personal experience with family law matters, I can relate to the emotional and financial toll divorce, custody, and support issues can have on individuals and their loved ones. My deep passion to help people in such critical situations was what interested me in becoming a family law paralegal. I have teamed up with Attorney Anna Maples to utilize my extraordinary paralegal skills and find successful resolutions for our clients’ family law issues.

Interviewer: What was your experience before working with Maples Family Law?

Roma: Before being a part of Maples Family Law, I have worked for an extended period of time with Dr. Thomas C. Maples of The Stockton Therapy Network.

Interviewer: What is a special quirk or talent you have, that no one else knows, that helps with your career in family law?

Roma: This is actually kind of funny and not a lot of people know about this; I carry a giant, old‐fashioned planner with me at all times. It may seem peculiar with today’s technological advancements, especially when smartphone planner apps are so popular. But keeping an old‐fashioned planner has always given me the freedom to stay disciplined, organized, and efficient. It has particularly helped me with my career in family law where deadlines are a crucial factor.

Interviewer: What goal do you have in working for the client’s you serve?

Roma: My ultimate goal is to provide the clients with compassionate, comprehensive, and high quality paralegal services.

Interviewer: What message would you like the clients to know about you?

Roma: I believe in delivering high quality legal services to our clients. With my dedication, patience, and specialized paralegal skills, I will be there for you every step of the way, helping you to identify, work through, and resolve your legal difficulties. I welcome the opportunity to help you during your family law matter.

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