FAC Legal Costs

At the Family Advocacy Center, we understand that your legal matter is stressful enough, without adding to it the uncertainty of high cost attorney fees. Whether your case consists of Divorce, Child Custody, Division of Assets, Child or Spousal Support Matters, we pride ourselves in offering you quality, straight forward approach to the legal fees associated with your case. Unlike many attorney’s, who will charge you for every copy made and postage for every correspondence sent, our staff prides itself on availability to our client’s, and are easily reached via cell phone, text message, or email.

Upholding your legal rights in a family law matter can vary greatly from case to case. Costs associated with a family law matter can also vary from case to case, dependent on a number of factors including the scope of work to be completed, whether you and your spouse have minor children, the amount of assets you and your spouse have to divide, the degree of conflict present between you and your spouse, whether business entities are owned, and others. Our team prides itself on providing both legal and emotional support for you and your family during the trying times associated with a family law matter.

Oftentimes, divorce is just the beginning, and most continued family law conflicts are caused by the inability one or either parties may have to effectively problem solve with their ex-spouse. This pattern, all too often seen in family courtrooms, can have severe detrimental effects on your personal wellbeing, and your children’s capacity to form healthy and bonded relationships with you and your ex-spouse. By providing a comprehensive approach to your family law needs, we take the uncertainty out of legal fees, offer you a straight forward approach to the charges associated with your case, and are available to our clients during this most trying of times, allowing you, and your family to concentrate on what is most important: Taking back those aspects of your life that bring you a sense of well being and personal belonging.