At Maples Family Law we understand the emotional and financial toll your divorce can have on you and your loved ones. When you hire the Maples Family Law team, you direct access to your attorney, who will provide you and your family a compassionate understanding of the legalities of your case, helping protect you and your loved ones every step of the way.



At Maples Family Law, our focus is on the emotional health of your family during disputes of Child Custody. We understand that children are the forgotten victims of family conflicts, and strive to keep their best interest in mind as we help you navigate the child custody process.



Maples Family Law is dedicated to take care of your financial needs during your divorce or Family Law Matter. Support is dependent on a number of factors, and we can help you make proactive plans for you and your family’s future.



At Maples Family Law, we understand that the road to emotional health begins only after the successful resolution of your matter. We refer client’s to the The Stockton Therapy Network that provides affordable and dependable therapeutic services to help you and your loved ones move on with your lives.

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Jan 12, 2022

Between school, play, chores, and extracurricular activities, kids are a busy bunch. Which means that when it comes to divorce, it can sometimes be tricky for California courts to divide a child’s time exactly equally between parents—even when both are evenly qualified.  That’s why, in California, it’s common for judges to assign one parent to …

Jan 06, 2022

So here you are. You’ve decided to get a divorce, but now you’ve got questions—a lot of them. Like, “Where do I even start?” and, “Should I hire an attorney?” and, perhaps the most worrisome of all, “How much does divorce cost, anyway?”  Unfortunately, while a lot of these queries have straight forward responses, the …

Dec 30, 2021

The only thing more stressful than a divorce is having to go back to court, to enforce the divorce order that your judge already handed down. (As if the first time wasn’t enough, right?) Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some people have to do. Whether you like them or not, the terms of your divorce are …

Dec 23, 2021

Child custody refers to the various rights and responsibilities associated with taking care of a child. These authorities and obligations are most commonly associated with divorce; however, they are also relevant to unmarried parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and individuals looking to adopt.  In this child custody overview, we’ll define important terms, talk about parental rights, …

Dec 13, 2021

In California, all custody decisions are made according to a child’s best interest. This includes being able to have a loving, healthy relationship with both of their parents, whenever possible. However, these relationships can’t blossom without quality time. That’s why when parents don’t live together, the court will often issue a visitation order. These edicts …

Dec 01, 2021

Nothing is more important to you than your child. You want to protect them, and to give them the very best in life. Which is why it can be so infuriating when your child’s other parent violates a custody order.  Luckily, California courts get pretty upset when this happens, too, so you’re in good company.  …


Anna is an amazing attorney who puts the needs and best interests of her clients before her own; qualities not always easy to find in the field. Anna actually cares people and will go above and beyond to make sure her clients are represented fairly and thoroughly. She is a genuinely nice and easy going person with a great sense of humor, but who will fight tooth and nail for her clients in and out of the courtroom. Anna approaches her job as a true advocate and not just as a career. I’m glad to have her on my side.

Brian E.

Actual Client

I wish I could give Anna more than 5 stars. She is professional, personable, and always easy to communicate with. During our difficult and worrisome time Anna provided us with comfort and used her professional knowledge and skills to help navigate through the court system. She was always there to advise us on procedures and what to expect next. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone needing legal advice or assistance. She always made time to talk with us and never rushed our questions. She was always easy to reach and not once made us feel like we weren’t important. That is hard to find in any lawyer.

Elena C.

Actual Client

During a time that was seemingly frightening and filled with uncertainty, Mrs. Maples went above and beyond in providing me with comfort and knowledge in her field of expertise. I believe she is in this field because she has a big heart and she cares about helping people. At no time did she speak ill of our opposing party, but rather focused on ensuring my needs were met. She is professional, compassionate, fair, and a genuinely good-hearted person.

I absolutely recommend Mrs. Maples and would without a doubt call her again if I had another family law matter. And while I would love to see her and give her a big hug, I hope I don’t need her services for a very long time.

Jessica R.

Actual Client

Anna is an amazing family law attorney! My husband had a child custody, support and visitation hearing recently and with this being an extremely sensitive matter for everyone involved, we wanted to ensure he was represented by the best. We were referred to the Family Advocacy Center by an agency not sure what to expect. The day of the initial consultation, we had met Anna in the lobby by accident and she already knew my husband’s name–major brownie points! She is a very caring, understanding, personable and friendly person who truly has a calling in this field. What other attorneys tried telling us was impossible, she made a reality with her knowledge of the family law system. We are eternally grateful for all her advice and help and would definitely recommend her to anyone facing any family law issues! We don’t foresee having to go back to court for any further family law issues, but if we ever do, you can guarantee Anna will be the first person we call! 🙂

Krystal V.

Actual Client

O my….so much to say about Anna. She is kind, caring, and is not in it just for the money. She was not only concerned about doing the right thing for me financially, but emotionally. My case was really bad ( 3 year fight). Anna helped me more then i could thank her for. She had no clue how bad it was and what she was getting into. Well she found out and never gave up on the situation when most attorneys would have pushed me off to other council. She is calm in tune and a fighter. Thank you for not only being a great attorney…but a caring and good person! Gave me faith again.

Nicholas H.

Actual Client

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