Thinking of an Old-Fashioned Divorce? There is Another Way

In this article, we explore ways to take control of your family law case and explore ways divorce does not have to become a drawn out battle.

Divorce 101: Rebuilding Life after Divorce

“How do I heal and begin to rebuild my life after divorce?” Divorce is quite possibly one of the toughest decisions you will ever make. Because of this, it is best not to take this decision lightly. Chances are, you spent much time dwelling on the choices you had to make to take this most courageous of steps. During the long process ...

Divorce In California

Hi! I’m Anna Maples, attorney with the Family Advocacy Center.  Today, I want to talk about divorce in California. Before you can file for divorce in California, you have to live in California for at least six months and in your county for at least three months.  You also would need to know your date of marriage and date of separation. Before filing ...

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