Divorce: It’s More than Just a Legal Process

Marriage, separation, and divorce are more than a series of legal issues. Chances are, if you have found this website, you have been through an emotional roller coaster, have thought long and hard regarding the possible consequences your decision to divorce will have on those you love, and have ultimately made a choice that you feel is best for your current circumstances. It is at this moment, that The Family Advocacy Center can help you.

Decision about divorce
Knowing the law is the bare minimum required to help you through the emotional journey associated with a family legal matter. When you decide to divorce, there are a number of factors that can affect your financial, living, emotional, and relational wellbeing. It is important to first remember, that divorce is a process. It is governed by rules, procedures, and timelines that must be followed. Your attorney at the Family Advocacy Center will help you to keep this process going, despite the oftentimes insurmountable amounts of paperwork, time, and deadlines associated with your family law case. While this is the minimum level of knowledge needed to get through a family law case, at The Family Advocacy Center, your attorney will also be a caring advocate for your legal needs, helping you through the tough decision you will need to make to successfully move through your divorce and get back to your new normal.

At the Family Advocacy Center, we focus our intention of the healing journey of the family. Ultimately, who is more important than the members of your family, the friends you have developed, and people you have chosen to love and build a life with. Family members can be children, parent’s, friends, pets, etc. While getting families back to a state of new normal is our overall goal, there will be a number of tough decisions to make.

Divorce is a decision where consequences are real, immediate, and always affects those you care about most. The team at Maples Family Law will help you navigate the tough decisions needed to overcome your family law needs. It is filled with a number of decisions, and there will be times where your are required to negotiate with your former partner in an equitable manner as to the proper division of your assets, liabilities, property, and time spent with the children your marriage produced. While emotions may run high, the court will normally make decisions based “in kind” on the equitable rights both you and your partner have to your assets, liabilities, and children.

At Maples Family Law, we understand that divorce is most likely the most important decision you will ever make in your life. We understand that you underwent a long road to come to this decision, and it has not been made lightly. That is why we focus on helping you to weigh your options and make decisions based not only upon your legal rights, but also what will be in the best interest of moving you forward to the new life you wish to create.