Info On Divorce in California

Divorce can be the most difficult time you will ever face during your lifetime. The decisions you and your spouse make will have profound effects not only on your personal wellbeing, but also on your children. You most likely have many questions, many of which may not be answered; or even worse, you may have been give wrong information from family members, friends, colleagues, or other loved ones. However, you can be rest assured that there is a positive during this process: you are not alone during this journey, and we at The Family Advocacy Center and our friends at The Stockton Therapy Network can help you finalize your divorce and move on from the disfunction that once plagued your life.
Many people have undergone divorce and emerged from it with a sense of renewed purpose. While divorce may feel like the death of your “happily every after,” it can help you let go of the dysfunctional relationship that impeded your growth, and let you get to know yourself in a more positive light. This can have a drastic effect on the relationship you have with yourself as you learn new ways to be independent, can have a positive effect on the way you parent your children, and even give you further opportunity to grow within love in a different manner than you did within an unsuccessful marriage.
If you are thinking about divorce, it is imperative to formulate a plan of action. This may or may not include speaking with your spouse, determining if your divorce will be amicable or if there are too many heated differences to resolve in a peaceful manner, speaking with an attorney who will help you determine your legal rights during this process, and seeing a therapist to help you sort through your emotional needs, gain new perspectives on the issues that went awry, and to help you develop a plan of action to re-establish your psychological and emotional health during this process. In approaching divorce from a systematic perspective, you will begin to help yourself and your loved ones move on and ultimately grow from this process.
Many people have transcended the difficulties associated with divorce, learned to live on their own, faced their fears, learned effective co-parenting strategies to raise their children, and began grow personally in the light of their divorce. Because it is a dark time, filled with intense and oftentimes scary emotions, you may need both legal and therapeutic help. Below, you will find valuable resources to assist you with many emotional and legal questions and concerns you may have. Take a moment, like the Facebook pages if you find the articles valuable, and learn new and effect ways you can turn your divorce into a growing experience.