San Joaquin County Divorce Basics

San Joaquin County Divorce Basics - Stockton Divorce Lawyer

When you live in Stockton, San Joaquin County will process your divorce case.

But how does it all work, and what do you need to do if you’re ready to end your marriage?

You may want to talk to a San Joaquin County divorce attorney who can answer all your questions and give you legal advice.

San Joaquin County Divorce: The Basics

There are two ways to end a marriage in the state of California: divorce and annulment. Most people don’t qualify for annulment (nor do they want one, because an annulment can seriously limit your ability to collect spousal support, tie your hands when it comes to dividing your property, and even make custody issues more difficult).

Whether you’re going to file or your spouse has already filed, your paperwork will be processed through the San Joaquin County court system.

Divorce in San Joaquin County

Because Stockton falls under the San Joaquin County court system, your attorney will file your divorce paperwork through the Superior Court of California in Stockton.

You don’t need to prove fault to divorce in California. You only need to have irreconcilable differences. Even if your spouse was unfaithful or did something terrible to end your marriage, you don’t need a specific reason to dissolve your marriage.

Legal Requirements for a San Joaquin County Divorce

You must have lived in California for the past 6 months, and you must have lived in San Joaquin County for at least the past 3 months if you intend to file for divorce here.

Child Custody and Child Support

When it comes to child custody, it’s in your best interest to collaborate with your spouse and work out an arrangement that’s beneficial to your whole family. (If you and your spouse can’t agree, the judge assigned to your case will have to decide. While the judge will be as fair as possible and consider the best interests of the child, only you and your spouse know what’s really right for your family.)

Child support in San Joaquin County is the same as it is in the rest of the state. The courts will evaluate the parents’ finances and the children’s needs in determining how much money will change hands.

Spousal Support

Both parties to the divorce have the right to ask for spousal support. The court can order either spouse to pay – even while the divorce action is pending. (Pending means that the divorce has been filed but not yet granted.)

Support can be temporary or long-term. The court will look at both parties’ financial circumstances, the standard of living the couple enjoyed, and several other factors when determining how much money to order.

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