11 Good Divorce Books for Kids

11 Good Divorce Books for Kids

If you’re a parent going through a divorce in Stockton, you’re probably thinking about all the ways you can help your children cope with what’s going on.

One way is through books – even if your child isn’t an avid reader (or can’t read yet).

These are 11 of the most highly recommended divorce books for kids of various ages, and they’re definitely worth checking out.

11 Good Divorce Books for Kids

Most school-aged children are familiar with the concept of divorce – their classmates and friends have been through it. But although they understand the word and what it means, it may not “click.” That’s why it’s important for moms and dads to broach the subject early and be available to answer questions… and that’s also why teaching tools like divorce books for kids are incredibly helpful to many families.

Check out this list of 11 good divorce books for children and see if any of them might help your little ones. Most are also available through the Stockton Public Library’s branches.

#1. Dinosaurs Divorce by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

Ages: 3 to 6

Dinosaurs Divorce explains divorce words and what they mean, why some parents get divorced and what happens after a divorce. There are also several other topics inside, including “Having Two Homes” and “Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions.”

two homes divorce book for kids #2. Two Homes by Claire Masurel

Ages: 3 to 7

This book shows the differences a child experiences between Mommy’s house and Daddy’s house. The text is reassuring and focuses on the things a child gains – not what he or she loses – during and after a divorce.

divorce book for children #3. Divorce is Not the End of the World: Zoe’s and Evan’s Coping Guide for Kids by Zoe Stern and Evan Stern

Ages: 8 to 12

This upbeat, positive book is designed to show kids that they can come out of divorce stronger and more resilient. It covers topics such as guilt, fear and adjusting to different rules in different homes, as well as adapting to new family dynamics.

when my parents forgot to be friends divorce book for kids #4. When My Parents Forgot How to Be Friends by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Ages: 8 to 12

This book discusses the feelings kids experience during divorce and encourages them to share them with parents.

Living with mom and living with dad divorce book for children #5. Living With Mom and Living With Dad by Melanie Walsh

Ages: 3 to 7 years

This book talks about a little girl who lives with each of her parents separately, and how she takes her favorite toys along for the ride. Changes in routine are the central theme in Living With Mom and Living With Dad, which also focuses on how much love each parent has for the child.

the family book for kids of divorcing parents #6. The Family Book by Todd Parr

Ages: 5 to 6 years

The Family Book isn’t all about divorce – it covers a variety of family dynamics that can be useful to kids in several situations.

was it the chocolate pudding divorce book for little kdis #7. Was It the Chocolate Pudding? by Sandra Levins

Ages: 5 to 6 years

This book covers all the major topics of divorce with age-appropriate explanations of what’s going on. It discusses living in single-parent homes and how custody is shared between parents, and it reiterates consistently that divorce is between the parents and not at all the child’s fault.

my family's changing book for kids of divorce #8. My Family’s Changing by Pat Thomas

Ages: 5 to 6 years

My Family’s Changing is designed to help children through the whole process of divorce by addressing their fears and answering their questions. There are “What About You?” sidebars to help kids explore how they feel and discuss those feelings with moms and dads, too.

now what do i do book for teens of divorce #9. Now What Do I Do? A Guide to Help Teenagers With Their Parents’ Separation or Divorce by Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski

Ages: 10 to 17 years

This teen workbook is designed to get kids to work on their feelings and fears in a simple, straightforward way. It helps guide them through grief and the issues they’re facing during separation or divorce and encourages them to talk to their parents.

divorce helpbook for teens with divorcing parents #10. Divorce Helpbook for Teens by Cynthia MacGregor

Ages: 13 to 17 years

This book explores why parents divorce and how the whole process will change a teen’s life. It offers guidance on what teenagers can do to feel less depressed and clues them in to resources they can use to cope.

the bright side book for teens #11. The Bright Side: Surviving Your Parents’ Divorce by Max Sindell

Ages: 12 to 17 years

This book, designed for teens, is full of practical advice and guidance on how to find the silver lining when parents split up. It has tips on managing schedules between two homes and how to talk to parents about big issues.

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