Divorce Advice for Women (That You Can Actually Use)

Divorce Advice for Women - Stockton Women's Divorce Attorney

It seems like there’s no shortage of divorce advice for women (and there’s also plenty of divorce advice for men) – but a lot of it just isn’t practical and some of it is pretty tired and stereotypical.

That’s why we’re giving you real, practical divorce advice for women that you can use – and that doesn’t assume that because you’re the woman, you fit into stereotypical boxes.

Divorce Advice for Women You Can Actually Use

First things first: Choose your attorney wisely. Don’t pick a lawyer who doesn’t understand that your situation is unique or that you know what you want – and what you and your children need. In most cases, women find it more beneficial to work with a divorce and family law lawyer in Stockton who doesn’t also work on criminal law cases, personal injury and other types of cases. That’s because family law is complex, and lawyers who work on divorce, child custody and other family-related issues are able to keep up with changes in the law, know how the court system works and stay familiar with the nuances associated with a break-up.

Now, on to the divorce advice for women. These five tips will help you get the best possible outcome in your divorce.

#1: Figure out your living expenses now.

Your financial situation should be your top priority. If you’re struggling now, you want to find ways to prevent that in the future – and by making your financial situation your #1 priority right now, you’ll be better prepared once your divorce is over.

Do not give in on important issues like alimony (it’s called spousal support in the courtroom) just to get things over with, especially if you know you’ll need it. Your lawyer will help you get what you deserve.

#2: Plan for future expenses.

Your soon-to-be ex might be able to kick you off his health insurance plan, you might need to find a new place to live, or you may have to dig deep into savings for car repairs and other emergencies.

Now is the time to plan for them – and you can’t count on future alimony payments to keep you covered. In fact, although your ex can get in trouble for not paying spousal maintenance, there are plenty of men who skip out on payments or try to get them lowered later.

#3: Revenge sounds sweet, but it’s really not.

A lot of women try to use the court system to exact revenge on their soon-to-be exes, and it sounds great – but it’s far more likely to backfire on you than to work. Your attorney can talk to you about “getting back” at your ex and explain why the legal system isn’t the place for it… and any therapist can tell you that the best revenge you can get on your ex is to move on and be happy. (That’s another post for another day, though.)

Do You Need Help With Your Divorce?

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