Divorce Tips for Moms

Divorce Tips for Moms - Maples Family Law in Stockton

Your top priority is doing what’s best for your children – and as a mom, that carries over into every aspect of your life. Are you working too much? Making enough money? Spending enough time with your kids? Signing them up for enough extracurricular activities? Aren’t there any specific divorce tips for moms you could use to do better?

Are you doing a good enough job?

If you’re like most moms, you’re your own toughest critic. The good news: You’re doing just fine – and even though you’re working your way through a divorce, your kids are going to be okay. Statistically, children of divorce turn out well, and they have the best outcomes when their parents truly care about what’s best for them.

And that’s you. You do care about what’s best for them, and you’re doing the best you possibly can right now. Check out our divorce tips for moms to make sure you’re staying grounded. (Hint: You probably are.)

Divorce Tips for Moms

If you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Check out these five divorce tips for moms to see if you could put any of them to use in your life:

  1. Know that you’re normal.
  2. Don’t be afraid to rely on support.
  3. Create boundaries and stick to them.
  4. Get control over your finances.
  5. Keep moving forward.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Divorce Tips for Moms - You're Normal #1. Know that you’re normal.

You’re on an emotional roller coaster when you’re going through a divorce – and you’ll have good days and bad days. That’s completely normal. So are all the feelings you experience, ranging from anger to sadness to a sense of hope for the future. While it sounds like a cliché, know that the feelings you’re experiencing now are more than just normal… they’re temporary. This will pass.

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#2. Don’t be afraid to rely on support.

We’re hard-wired to talk to other people for support, so don’t be afraid to talk to people in your support network. Family and friends can be great resources during times like these – but if you need to talk to a professional, do it. Talking to a divorce counselor or therapist can be a great way to learn new coping strategies and work through some of the things you’re experiencing right now.

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Divorce Tips for Moms - Create Boundaries #3. Create boundaries and stick to them.

While you were married to your ex, you had a certain way of dealing with each other, including the ways you communicated about your children. You don’t have to stick to the status quo now – you can do what works best for your own emotional well-being. That means if your ex wants to argue, you can get off the phone; if your ex wants to stop by and visit, you can say no. Creating healthy boundaries is a good way to start moving forward.

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#4. Get control over your finances.

Whether you worked during your marriage or you stayed home with your children, you need to get control over your own finances when you divorce. Separate your money and talk to your Stockton divorce attorney about what you can expect as far as paying or receiving spousal support (commonly called alimony). Talk to your attorney about child support, too, because in California, both parents are responsible for providing for their children.

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Divorce Tips for Moms - Keep Moving Forward #5. Keep moving forward.

It doesn’t always feel like it, but your divorce will eventually be over – and then you’ll be moving forward to a more positive future. There’s no way around it; divorce is a major life change. If you keep moving forward, your kids will learn from your example. They’ll end up being more resilient and able to cope with the challenges that come their way, too. Focus on doing what’s right for you and your children, now and once your divorce is final, and your whole family will emerge from the process just fine.

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer About Divorce?

These divorce tips for moms can help you out, but they’re not a substitute for legal advice. If you’re getting divorced, or if you’re still just thinking about it, you may need to talk to an attorney who can preserve your – and your children’s – rights. Call us right away at (209) 546-6870 or get in touch with a Stockton divorce attorney online to schedule a consultation today.